• Sport Consultation - Our initial consultation is all about you! We review your sport of choice, goals, expectations, time allotment and so much more. Gaining a clear understanding of your specific situation allows Everlong Sports to present the available options and work together with your family to develop a plan. The initial consultation is complimentary and usually lasts 60-90 minutes.

  • Sports Coach/Club Selection - This service helps families looking for a personal coach or sports club for their young athlete. We assess different coaching philosophies and sport club cultures to find the best fit for your athlete’s personality and skill level. Connecting your young athlete with the right coach or sports club is a life changing experience that enhances their enjoyment of the game and provides them with a supportive environment to develop and maximize their skill.

  • Athlete Assessment - This service provides a base level assessment of the athletes learning style and motor skill level for their chosen sport. Having a base understanding of how the athlete learns and their motor skill level allows us to better match you with the appropriate sports program. When an athlete's skill, personality and learning style aligns with a coaching philosophy, the rate of improvement and enjoyment of the game increase dramatically.

  • Experiential Evaluation - This premium service allows your family to personally experience multiple coaches and/or clubs so that you can make an informed decision. This is the best way to get a great comparison and feel for your sporting options. With this service we will visit and interact with at least three different coaches or clubs. It provides an opportunity to personally interact with the coach, review the facilities and discuss their teaching philosophy.

  • Sport Culture - With this service, we review the culture and politics of your chosen sport. The purpose is to empower you with a deeper knowledge and understanding of how things really work and function within the sport. Understanding the culture and politics of the sport reduces frustration and enhances enjoyment of the game.

  • Budget Planning - With this service we help to uncover all the expenses that are associated with your sport of choice. Base fees, travel, sports equipment, private coaching sessions and time commitment are examples of expenses that are not always advertised and can quickly add up over time. This service allows you to be better informed and prepared for the financial commitment that comes with your child's sport participation.


At Everlong Sports we specialize in advising youth athletes and their families in lifelong sports. These sports allow athletes to pursue competitive physical activities with the goal of having fun, learning new skills and improving performance. With a growth mindset, young athletes can compete in these sports through high school, college and continue to master their skills well into adulthood.


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Who we serve

We advise families of youth athletes. If you are looking for a personal coach, recreational league or competitive sports club, Everlong Sports is here to help get you in the game!


Where we serve

We are a Southern California company that serves the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego metropolitan areas. Our regional expertise provides you with insight to better understand the nuances of sporting programs and the people they represent.