Measuring Movement to Optimize
Performance and Track Progress

Movement is the foundation of the human experience. From participating in sports and activities that push us outside our comfort zones to doing our jobs and playing with our children, movement enables us to physically engage with the world around us. Biometrek was founded on the belief that if we can improve movement, we can improve health, happiness and overall quality of life. To do this, we use state-of-the-art markerless 3D motion capture technology to quickly and accurately assess the unique way individuals’ move. From this assessment, performed in minutes in our mobile studio, we tailor a plan designed to optimize performance, avoid injury, reduce pain and track progress. Whether you’re an athlete, recovering from injury, work a physically demanding job, or someone who lives an active lifestyle, efficient, pain-free movement will help your body realize its full potential, so you can get more out of whatever it is that keeps you going. After all, life is a journey. Biometrek helps to ensure that your body is ready for whatever life, and the world, throws its way. 

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DARI Overview

Notre Dame Athletics Utilizes DARI Motion


Quite simply, it’s how well you move. More specifically, it is how well your muscles and joints work together as a system to produce your movement. Motion health is critical to quality of life. If movement causes you pain, it limits you from leading the lifestyle you want. The more you know, the easier it is to take care of little problems before they become big (and expensive) issues.



It is a series of movements you perform in our 3D Motion Capture System. In less than 10 minutes, the 3D motion capture system collects your body’s unique movement data without requiring you to wear a special suit or sensors. Your assessment report will include both a summary of your results as well as a few key areas for you to focus on.



It’s easy!
1. Walk into the Motion Capture space wearing clothes you feel comfortable moving in. (Avoid overly baggy clothing.)
2. Biometrek will lead you through a series of functional movements.
3. Upon completion, you will receive a summary of your assessment.

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Family businesses are driven by long term vision and by the values behind the business. A family business is not for the next year, it is for the next generation, and we see that as a strength. Our family shares the same core values and we are passionate about helping others understand and improve their motion health. In any good family business, there are firm guiding principles carried from one generation to the next, ours are the commitment to Service, Expertise and Integrity.


Our Guiding Principles and Commitment to You


In everything we do, expertise is at the core of Biometrek. We know what we do well, and focus precisely on those things. We work tirelessly to expand the knowledge of the clients we serve. Our expertise is why we’re a trusted advisor, and will continue to be for years to come.


Biometrek is driven to provide exceptional service for our clients. We are dedicated to skillfully meet on our clients expectations through our passion, professionalism and personal commitment to delivering above and beyond.


As a family business built on personalized service, Biometrek acts with the highest ethics and the utmost honesty. We provide reliability to our clients and a deep knowledge built on experience and personal relationships.

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Who we serve

Biometrek provides motion assessment and advising services to anyone who is interested in better movement, reducing pain and avoiding injury. Whether you’re an athlete, recovering from injury, work a physically demanding job, or someone who lives an active lifestyle, our mobile studio will bring state-of-the-art 3D motion analysis to you.


Where we serve

Biometrek is a Southern California company that serves the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego metropolitan areas. Our regional focus allows us to better support our client needs with speed, convenience and availability.




At Biometrek, we wanted to take objective, whole-body biomechanical assessment out of the lab and into the real world. So, we developed a mobile studio that brings comprehensive biomechanics to you in a fraction of the time. We lead you through a series of functional movements to estabilish a baseline of your motion health.


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Data is only valuable if it is easy to understand and actionable. After weeks of processing, most biomechanics labs provide a spreadsheet full of unintelligible numbers, and you have to make sense of it. We do things differently. At Biometrek, the data we collect is analyzed and delivered in easy-to-read reports minutes after your assessment is complete.



Once the analysis is complete, Biometrek will provide a personalized consultation to review your results. We are happy to work with your coach or trainer to help develop a customized plan to optimize your performance, reduce pain and avoid injury. If you are not working with a trainer or coach, Biometrek can advise you through the process of choosing the right professional to help you achieve your goals.

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